Watching a movie is one of the most favourite activities of humans around the world. After all, who doesn’t like to go to a theatre, sit comfortably and immerse himself in the world of fantasies for few hours? Of course, the language and genre of the movies keeps changing but basic experience stays the same.


One of the most fun genres of movies is the 3D films. These movies add a whole new dimension (literally and philosophically) to the experience of movie going. 3D films are all those actual and animated movies which recreate moving images in three dimensions. This provides an illusion of depth in the scene on the screen in front of us.


3D films were traditionally created by filming two images simultaneously. This is done by putting two cameras side by side. Both cameras face each other and film the scene at a 90º angle with the help of mirrors. This creates a 3D effect as each of our eyes sees the photographed counterparts of the image. When we watch 3D movies, our visual cortex interprets the pair of images as one 3D image.


But this technique has gone out of date and modern computer technology these days, allows production of 3D films without the use dual cameras. Today, production houses like Pixar, Disney World, Universal Studios, etc. use polarized lenses method. This technique creates best 3D movies because it allows colour viewing.


Apart from this, there are some other 3D systems which are even more complex and expensive than polarized technique. For instance, one system displays two different images which alienate each other on a LCD screen. This system requires you to wear special LCD glasses.


3D movies provide us many great experiences as they make us feel like a part of the action on-screen. We can experience the fun of Amazon forests while sitting in a 3D theatre in New York. What can be more exciting and easier than that!